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A&D EK-1200i

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The A&D EK-1200i compact jewelry scale has a capacity of 1200 g and is NTEP Class II. It is one of the best scales for gold weighing with Legal for Trade requirements.

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A&D EK-1200i Legal For Trade Precision Balance 1200g x 0.1g Resolution With Bonus Loupe

The popular A&D EK-1200i compact balance provides an ideal selection of capacity and resolution. Its NTEP certified Legal For Trade status makes it the perfect solution for pawn shops, retail jewelry stores, jewelry manufacturing, Gold Parties, and any other professional or business use. The small footprint, optional carrying case, and optional rechargeable battery make it convenient and portable. The EK 1200i represents a new wave of convenient and highly advanced scales that users have come to expect from A&D Weighing. These new “Everest Series” Compact Balances have been designed to carry on the tradition with enhanced capacities and resolutions.

The EK 1200i handles a capacity of 1200g with a 0.1g resolution, and can toggle between 9 of the most common weighing units (gram, ounce, pound, troy ounce, pennyweight, carat, momme, grain unit, and tael). This scale features RS-232C standards and is designed to meet Weights and Measures regulations for various countries (e.g. NTEP, CE). With a large and back-lit LCD display, rugged build, and sealed protection from dust and spills, this scale is the perfect companion for any merchant operating in a setting with customers present. However, A&D Weighing went above and beyond the mere requirements of a Legal For Trade scale, and loaded this instrument with convenient features designed to make your weighing operations diverse and precise.

The EK 1200i features other user conveniences, like a security ring for theft prevention, an overload protection device, and a Control Zero operation (mode selection and data output with standard RS-232C). Additionally, fully digital calibration makes manual calibrating obsolete. The built-in counting function (this specific feature is not Legal For Trade) employs Automatic Counting Accuracy Improvement so that you never have to perform monotonous math as a part of your weighing operations again. If you’re looking to buy or sell gold, this Legal For Trade scale is perhaps the smartest investment you can make. Order yours today, and precision, reliability, and inconveniences will never be an issue again.

  • Includes Bonus iGem Professional 10x 18mm Hastings Loupe With Leather Case


  • Large LCD display (16mm height) with back-light
  • Control zero, mode selection and data output with standard RS-232C
  • Triple Range weighing
  • Counting function with Automatic Counting Accuracy Improvement (This function is not legal for trade.)
  • Standard Comparator Function - HI/OK/LO Annunciator
  • Full Digital Calibration with optional User Definable Mass Setting
  • Conformity to GLP with I.D. and serial number outputs
  • Auto Power Off
  • Portable and compact size, light weight, and rugged body
  • Sealed key panel protection against dust and spills
  • Low profile and small footprint for minimal space requirement
  • Overload Protection
  • Security Ring to prevent theft
  • Stainless steel Weighing Pan
  • NTEP Approved Legal For Trade


  • Capacity/Resolution:
    • (Gram)1200x0.1
    • Decimal Ounce (av) (oz) 42.330x0.005
    • Decimal Pound (av) (lb) 2.6455x0.0005
    • Troy Ounce (ozt) 38.580x0.005
    • Pennyweight (dwt) 771.6x0.1
    • Carat (ct) 6000.0x0.5
    • Momme (mom) 320.00x0.05
    • Grain Unit (GN) 18518x2
    • Tael (H.K General) (tl) 31.745x0.005
  • Counting Mode
    • Max. count 12,000 pcs
    • Min. unit weight 0.1 g
    • No. of samples 5, 10, 25, 50 or 100 pieces
  • Percent Mode
    • Min. div. 0.1%
    • Min.100% weight 10 g
  • Linearity ±0.1 g
  • Repeatability/Std.Dev. 0.1 g
  • Sensitivity Drift: 20ppm/C(10°C~30°C/50°F~86°F)
  • Display Type: 7 segment LCD with back-light (character height 16mm)
  • Display Refresh: 10 times/second
  • Pan size (W) x (D) 133 x 170mm / 5.2 x 6.7in
  • Physical Dimensions (mm): 190(W) x 218(D) x 53(H)
  • Overall Physical Dimensions (inches): 7.5(W) x 8.6(D) x 2.1(H)
  • Admissible Ambient Temperature -10°C~40°C/14°F~104°F, less than 85% R.H. (non-condensing)
  • Weight (approx.) 1.5 kg
  • Calibration Mass (default setting) 1200 g
  • Power AC adapter or Ni-MH battery pack (option)
  • Standard Accessories: Manual, AC Adapter

Please note that the Counting Feature is not legal for trade on any scale by any manufacturer.

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